First Home Game!

Ariana King

The first home game was a huge success. Stewarts Creek won!! Within the first five minutes of the game, the Red Hawks scored a touchdown against Antioch. The vibes were great, people were pumped, and the band was phenomenal. All the proud parents were in the stands cheering on their dashing children.

The cheerleaders were on point with their cheers and getting everyone pumped up. Stewarts Creek scored their second touchdown in the second quarter while Antioch was still at zero. On the sidelines, there were the junior varsity to watch the game. They needed to get a feel of what being on the varsity team was going to be like.

During half time, the band played. They put on a great show. It is noticeable how hard they work to achieve their goals and put on the performance that they aspire to have. The color guard was also on the field during half time. The did some fantastic flag flipping and twirling. Let us not forget about the dance team. Those ladies were on point with all their moves.

In the third quarter, Antioch scored their first touchdown. However, Stewarts Creek won after all. Everybody was ecstatic and cheering on our amazing varsity football team. Everybody went home happy- except Antioch, that is.