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Review of Ikea’s Food

Katie Beech

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Over the President’s Day Weekend, my family and I went to the new Ikea in Memphis, TN. They are a Swedish company, so, of course, there were a few different foods sold that were not the normal American food. Some of the things that I tasted were very good, while others were not so much.

1. Salmon Fillet with Lemon and Dill Sauce

I thought this was very good and filling as well. This is more toward the people who like fish. Rice also came with it, so if you combine the salmon with the rice it is very good. I tried the dill sauce, it came on the side, and was not a big fan of it so I just did not eat it.

2. Swedish Meatballs

Their meatballs were excellent, especially with the sauce that came on them. When we got them we got one side order of them, which only came with four, and we all wanted more. They are not very big at all, but I would not say they are super tiny. It came with a different type of sauce on the side as well. The sauce was sweet, but not something I would eat with the meatballs. The meatballs, though, were definitely something I would get again!

3. Swedish Apple Cake

My family and I all ordered this thinking the taste would somewhat resemble that of an apple pie. It does not. We all thought it was not good at all. Nobody even finished it. I am not sure why it tasted so bad to us, maybe it was that we were expecting something different or we got a bad batch. I have to give it credit to it though because it did look very good. I would not get this again.

4. Cinnamon Buns

Their cinnamon buns may look good, but I personally think they are average tasting. They are good, but I have had some amazing tasting cinnamon rolls, and those were not one of them. I would not mind getting these again because they didn’t taste bad, but they were not the best thing on the menu.

5. Chocolate Cake

This cake was very rich and it was actually pretty good. Like the cinnamon rolls, I have had better chocolate cakes before though.

6. Almond Cake

This was hands down the best thing, out of everything, that we tasted! It did not have that “healthy taste” to it like it might seem by the name. This was the one dessert that my family and I ate all of it. We almost bought a whole box of it to take home, but ended up not doing that just because there was not enough room with all the Ikea stuff we bought.

Overall, I would give the whole food experience maybe a five out of ten. It was good, but I wouldn’t willingly choose to eat there. Perhaps the other locations are better.

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Review of Ikea’s Food