How to Recover from Heartbreak in the New Year

How to Recover from Heartbreak in the New Year

Kloey Jackson, Sports Editor

Kloey Jackson

Smyrna, Tenn.

It’s a new year and along with all your other new year resolutions such as working out and eating healthier why not add getting over that toxic ex to the list. I know its hard but throughout this artice I’m going give you easy steps that will get you right back on your feet  

Step 1 Grief: First things first, accept the fact that it’s okay to be sad. All those friends telling you you’re a baddie and that significant other doesn’t matter, well theyre not wrong, but don’t be pressured to be okay right away. Its okay to be sad for a while. Accepting the fact that youre sad and that youre going to be hurting for a while is the first step to becoming okay. So, cry for as long as you want, don’t let anyone tell you not to. Pushing down those feelings can result in you becoming depressed or doing things you might regret in the futire to distract yourself from the pain.  

Step 2 Self Care: After going through heartbreak or practically anything that can be considered traumatic can distract you from taking care of yourself. The term for this is called letting yourself go. Its easy to wallow in your sadness and be in bed all day, but what good is that doing for your mental health. Get up, take a hot bath or shower, and get dressed. Doesn’t have to be fancy clothes just something that will make you feel a little cute and comfy. Remember to do the activities that make you happy, whether that’s watching romantic comedies on Netflix, or going for a bike ride. Don’t forget that you matter and remind yourself of the happy things in life that you enjoy.  

Step 3 Friends: So, I know it’s easy to forget about friends when you are feeling down. after a while they might starts to feel like you’ve shut them out and that they never hear from you anymore, but its time to reach out. chances are your friends made you happy before so they can make you happy now.  Hit up that one best friend who’s like a sister or brother and just chill with them. Vent to them about your relationship, but not for too long because you want to be able to have fun and reconnect with them without thinking about your ex.   

Step 4 Going Out: After the grieving and the self-care its time to pucker up. Don’t be afraid to put yourself back out there and find some potential bachelors or bachelorettes.  

Step 5 Do You: Don’t forget that your life is about you nobody elseRegain confidence in yourself and focus on your goals and things that make you happy.  

Heartbreak is something that everyone goes through and everyone can get through. It all just takes time.