Zodiac Identity: Aries


Heather Sandefur, Managing Co-Editor

Heather Sandefur 

Smyrna, Tenn. 

(The following may not apply to you since astrology is not an exact science.) 

The zodiac we are discussing this month is Aries (March 20/21-April 19/20). 

The Sun of Pisces lasts from March 20/21 through April 19/20. This sign is considered a noble and imperialistic one. When Britain, Germany and Rome were at the height of their power, they were considered to be ‘under’ Aries. Everything about Aries seems to fall under this idea of progression and power. Aries’s symbol is the Ram which could be either the animal or a battering ram; this sign’s initiative and aggression is represented in this. Its quality is cardinal, representing the leadership and pioneering attitude of an Aries. Since this is the first sign of the zodiac this idea of always moving forward is enhanced; if an Ariean cannot move forward they simply move in a new direction. The sense of beginnings from their quality is also expressed in the Ariean ruler, Mars. Mars rules our first and last breath and is often a repressed animalistic nature. From this repression comes an instinctive nature as well a one that is rash and aggressive, full of energy. In turn this leads to this sign’s element of fire representing energy.  

Those born under this sign are natural leaders, dominant and assertive. However, they are also touch and don’t often like compromise. They lean themselves to be a little egotistical or self-centered. Good professions for this sign would be management position, a soldier or sports. 



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