Zodiac Identity: Pisces

Zodiac Identity: Pisces

Heather Sandefur, Managing Co-Editor


Zodiac Identity: 


Heather Sandefur 

Smyrna, Tenn. 

(The following may not apply to you since astrology is not an exact science.) 

This month’s Zodiac Identity is Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20). 

The Sun of Pisces lasts from Feb. 19-March 20. Pisces’s symbol is the Two Fishes, most likely of Egyptian origins since they have 2 fish in their constellations (called other things by various other civilizations). It represents constant change and unity found within one born under this sign. This pairs well with Pisces’s element of water, embodying their constant steady movement. This movement bleeds into their emotions, making them much more sensitive to their emotions. This sign’s mutable quality reinforces the constant change and fluctuations of their emotions along with their mindset of looking forward to things to come. 

The signs is seemingly the most cohesive of the signs. Its rulers are Neptune and Jupiter, allowing the sign to quantify the good and the bad and see possibilities as well as making them good leaders. However, with Jupiter Pisces must balance this pursuit of possibilities with realistic expectations. 

Those born as a Pisces are often compassionate, wise and find strength in their relationships. They are loyal and devoted as friends, always putting the needs of others before themselves. This sign presents easy-going and accepting people who are versatile. They are hard-working individuals who are always willing to help. They use their perseverance to go after their dreams and only worry about finances enough so that they can achieve those dreams.  



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