Making the 2019-2020 School Year, Your Year!


Megan Wood, Editor-in-Chief

Whether or not you are in your final year of high school and senioritis is already hitting you like a rock or you are just suffering from a bad case of procrastination, we all struggle with making productive use our time. This can become especially dangerous if this process is created into a habit early in the school year. To make sure you are able to make the most of your year, it is important to start it ofright it! Here are a couple tips to make sure you make 2019-2020 your year! 

  • Organization is key: At school and at home! 

Organization plays a key role in helping things go the way you want them too. Keeping everything in order and putting all items back in their place will keep you from losing or forgetting them. Planning is a large part of staying organized. Pre-packing your lunch and planning your outfit the night before are easy ways to stay one step ahead of the game every single day. One of the easiest ways to stay organized is by keeping a planner. By using this to write down assignments and important dates, you can be sure to never forget things. Being proactive is one of the best ways to start off the new school year. 

  • Starting with a clean slate! 

Beginning fresh is one of the best things you can do; remember: new year, new you! You have the chance to turn the year around. For starters, look at your relationships in life. Are they toxic? Do you have things you need to work on? If so, learn to do the hard thing and fix them or cut those people out of your life. Try and make friendships with new people you are interested in and try to create personal connections with your teachers. Not only will this help you in class, but it is also nice to do. Starting anew can also mean starting with new things. Want a new look? Go buy some new clothes! Need some supplies? Buy the kind you will be happy to see every day for school. And remember, new doesn’t have to mean expensive; the less you spend the better you will feel, so look for designer items at discount pricesMake sure to take care of yourself: sleep better, eat what makes you happy but make sure you get the proper vitamins and nutrients, exercise and get involved! And if you want a new beginning be open to new experiences! 

  • Do the best you can! 

No one is expecting you to be Mr. (or Ms.) 4.0, but you cannot exactly start the year off right if you do no give it your all. Do not procrastinate! Get your homework out of the way as soon as you can and study little bits at a time. Try not to pull allnighters and do not be afraid to try and ask your teachers for help; most of them are not out to get you. Trying is sometimes all you can do and just because you did not score the perfect score does not mean you are not living up to some sort of expectation. Secondly, get involved at school or outside of the community! Do things that build up your character, body, and/or college resume! Join clubs or try out for your sports teams. Do things you know you will enjoy but try not to overload yourself. 

  • Make goals! 

Always have a goal in mind! What is it you are working towards? Why put in all this effort into planning and trying? Make sure you know what it is you want to do in the long run and the short run as well. Set small goals that you can obtain easily so you can see and feel the rewards and relief of your progress as well as large ones that cover a bigger picture for the whole year or even further into your life. 

We all can lose our way in school, especially if we fall behind early in the year. A new school year is a new chance to shake things up and do the things you want to the right way. It is the perfect time to be productive and encourage a growth in character. Even trying a few of these suggestions at a time is enough to make a difference, so do not be afraid to make some changes and make the 2019-2020 school year, your year!