El Paso Massacre

Kloey Jackson

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Kloey Jackson

Smyrna, Tenn.

August 3, 2019 a massacre at a Walmart in El Paso, TX killed 22 people and injured 25 all ranging from the ages of 15-90 years old. The suspect Patrick Crusius from Allen, Texas is 21 years old. About 13 U.S. Citizens, seven Mexican Citizens, one German, and the others undetermined were killed. At 11:15am a call came into the police station. It was the suspects mother concerned about her son owning a gun. Crusius’s mother had confirmed to police that he had not made any suicidal threats or threats on others. Allegedly the suspect had written a manifesto that outlined his hate for immigrants. Crusius is being charged with domestic terrorism, hate crime charges, and federal gun charges. El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen said in a conference on August 4th “When he saw the officers approaching the scene where he was at, he basically surrendered.” Crusius has been in custody since August 3rd and placed on suicide watch. Authorities released a full list of the El Paso victims on August 5th ; Andre Pablo Anchondo, 23; Jordan Anchando, 24; Arturo Benavides, 60; Cipeda Campos, 41; Maria Flores, 77; Raul Flores, 77; Jorge Calvillo Garcia, 61; Adolfo Cerros Hernandez, 68; Alexander Gerhard Hoffman, 66; David Alvah Johnson, 63; Luis Alfonzo Juarez, 90; Maria Eugenia Legarrega Rothe, 58; Elsa Mendoza Marquez, 57; Maribel Loya, 56; Ivan Hilierto Manzano, 56; Margie Reckard, 63; Sarah Esther Regaldo Moriel, 66; Javier Rodriguez, 15; Teresa Sanchez, 82; Angelina Englisbee, 86; Juan Velazquez, 77; and Gloria Irma Marquez, 61. Thoughts and prayers go out to the El Paso Massacre victims and their families.