Zodiac Identity: Aquarius

Heather Sandefur, Managing Co-Editor

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Heather Sandefur 

Smyrna, Tenn. 

(The following may not apply to you since astrology is not an exact science.) 

The Red Hawk Review has returned from summer and this month’s Zodiac Identity will be Aquarius (Jan. 20/21-Feb. 18/19). 

The Sun for Aquarius lasts from Jan. 20/21-Feb. 18/19. Aquarius’s symbol is traditionally an urn pouring water, meant to symbolize a character of helpfulness or service. As the symbol might suggest, this sign generally strives to help, however it refuses to be tied down in service. Due to its element of air, this sign is full of freedom while still having a connection with other elements, leading Aquarians to be good communicators.  However, its fixed quality often leads this sign to feeling trapped. This seemingly contradictory existence is evident in the sign’s rulers, Uranus and Saturn. Uranus represents liberation, a personal search for freedom, and even rebellion whereas Saturn enforces personal boundaries and restrictions. All in all this leads an Aquarian to be both quiet and gentle while also being humorous, progressive, and rebellious. This sign tends to enjoy having fun with friends, helping others, and fighting for a cause and it dislikes being lonely, bored, and having limitations. Due to their need for an intellectual, creative, and honorable partner, they have the best compatibility with Leo and Sagittarius. Possible professions for this sign might be acting, writing, or teaching. 




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