SCHS Behind the Scenes


Gabriel Watts, Photo Editor

Stewarts Creek high school is a massive school filled with all kinds of people. From the students, faculty, and administration everyone works hard to make this school run smoothly, but there are those who work behind the scenes to help our school. The people who stay after hours to make sure our school is clean, and everything is in order. The people I speak of are the custodian staff who do so much for our school. The Custodian staff do so much for our school on a daily basis and we hardly ever notice them or take the time to thank them. Throughout this year my goal is to shed light on their deeds and give them the recognition they deserve. This month I had the privilege to getting to sit down and talk with Lynn Dunlap the head custodian of our school.

Before the doors were even officially open Lynn Dunlap has worked as Head Custodian of our school. He has been here since 2013 working hard to keep our school running smoothly and without too many problems. His daily duties can range from changing a light bulb to preparing the theater and band room for use the next day. He works alongside everyone else on the custodial staff to keep our school in tip top shape. In talking to Lynn about all that he does here one interesting thing I noticed about him is his attitude toward his work.

Lynn takes immense pride in his job here at SCHS and works hard to serve the school. He told me his motto for the custodial staff is that we are here to serve the students, the faculty and the administration. He told me that when you do the job from that perspective it pushes you to work harder and do your best for those you are serving. He keeps this mindset in everything that he does, and at times he has said he has been here for up to 15 hours working hard to have everything prepared for the next day. Another thing that he explained to me was that everyone at this school has a part to play to keep the school running. The job that the custodians do is just as important as the teacher’s and administration’s jobs. He said it’s hard to explain the amount of effort that everyone on the custodial staff puts into maintaining the school, and that they deserve the same amount of respect that others who work in the school get.

Lyn is also really big on his family which is part of the reason he loves Stewarts creek so much. He says that our one team spirit is something that is unique to our school and how we treat each other as a family is something that is unique to our school. He admits he doesn’t know everyone, but he works to get to know students who try to make a difference in school. Those students who go the extra distance to help at school. He said these students’ actions motivate him to work even harder at his own job. He knows that some students don’t like him because he can sometimes come across as a little mean but that is only because when he sees students mistreating the school he gets upset. All the time and effort that go into making sure this school is clean and we can’t even pick up a paper towel that we used or paper we dropped on the floor. When I asked him what we as students can do more often for him, he told me that just cleaning up after ourselves is a massive help.

Lyn Dunlap is an important part of our school and is the embodiment of everything our school is about. He adores working here and he works hard to serve our school to the best of his ability. With how much he does for the school the least we can do for him is clean up after ourselves and take the time as often as we can to thank him and all the other custodial staff for everything they do.

A picture of Lynn and his family

Far left Lynn