Don’t Miss A Beat: Music Today

Jamya Cathey, Copy Editor

By: Jamya Cathey 

America’s favorite genre:  

When I think about music, I feel good. Many people believe music is food for the soul. Music all over the world has been used to express emotions for a long time. It has developed over time with the creation of new genres for new eras. The music scene all over the world is very diverse. With America being a melting pot, you can hear so many different genres in one place.  There is Hip-hop, Pop, Country, Classical, Jazz, Opera, Latin, Rock and Roll, R & B, Electro, Gospel, and many others. This presents the question: what is the most popular genre of music in America?   

So, who is a major player in this race to be named as America’s favorite genre of music right now? In America, some major players are Rock, Pop, Hip-hop & R&B, and country. The billboards are always changing and are including artists from various genres.  I find that hip-hop is becoming more popular with the changing eras. With artists like Drake and Cardi B, as well as newer artists like Lil Nas X and Megan Thee Stallion, Hip-hop is trending on the charts. The pop genre is also experiencing huge gains with artists like Billie Eilish and Shawn Mendes soaring up the charts. Although, we have these huge gains in Hip-hop and Pop music, Rock music is still a largely popular genre of music. 

Rock music has been a major player in the American music scene for a long time. It originated in the 1950s. Although, other genres have been created and became popular, Rock and Roll has managed to stay relevant. With bands like Imagine Dragons and Twenty-One Pilots making music, Rock continues to be important. The genre of Rock and Roll holds numerous records in music history.  The artists Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones are household names that will never be forgotten, no matter how much the music scene changes. 

So, we have the genres Rock and Roll, Hip-hop, and Pop being the major players right now with country music not far behind. However, like other genres of music, these genres will face periods of time where they are no longer as popular and thus allowing other genres to shine. Music, like people, has evolved over time and will continue to evolve. As of now, though, the genres of Hip-hop, Pop, and Rock are at the forefront of the American music scene.  


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