Senior Highlights

Kyndell Mcmillen, Communications Editor

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Senior Highlights 

Upcoming dates to remember  

  •    October 1st FASFA IS OPEN.  
  •    October 16th  The FREE, in school, ACT. 
  •    October 18th In school FASFA workshop 
  •    October 27th National ACT (sign up at, the school code is 432-132) 
  •    November 1st The deadline for the TN promise 

Things you should be doing now 

  •     Applying to colleges. (TIPS: Send UNOPENED transcripts and application fee ((if applicable)) as soon as you fill out your application; This will speed up the acceptance process.) Pay attention to DUE DATES, most dues end in November for college applications. 
  •     Focusing on school work! Don’t slack off, colleges will look at your ending GPA after you get accepted and looking like a slacker won’t give off a great impression. 
  •     Taking care of yourself. (See “Tips for handling senior year”) 

Questions you may have. 

  •     Will colleges take the highest ACT score even if you take it after applying? Yes, just make sure to put the school on your “send my scores to” section of the ACT.  
  •     What colleges take the TN promise? All TN community colleges. (see “Resources”) 
  •     FASFA???WHAT???HOW???HELP!!! The FASFA is a paper that is electronically filled out by your parents; it keeps track of all the government issued scholarships you will get. Do not stress, it is not as scary as it seems, and if your parents aren’t tech-savvy: there is a FASFA workshop held at the school on October 18th.  Remember you need your 2017 tax returns and your SS number to fill it out. 
  •     How do I apply for scholarships? (see “Resources”) 


Tips for handling the stress of senior year 

  • “Don’t look at the big picture and just focus on the small stuff, so you don’t overwhelm yourself…And just have fun because this is it before college.” – Johanna Fergus (Counselor) 
  • Take a break from all of it and give yourself “Me time.” If you take time to check in with yourself periodically and make sure you are okay, then you will be A-Okay. You got this.