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Heather Sandefur , Managing Co-Editor

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Smyrna, Tenn. 

Heather Sandefur 


Felicia Randolph is an EA at our school and currently in her eighteenth year of teaching.  She has previously taught here, having left for a year to be with her daughter at Blackman High School before returning.  Prior to teaching in Tenn., she spent most of her time teaching in Indiana at Chase Alternative School as an Executive in Administration.  Randolph never wanted to teach; she originally wanted to work delivering babies, however time and monetary constraints bid her do otherwise.  She went to Robert Morris University in Chicago, Ill. to receive her Associates in Business Administration and Data Processing.  Now that she is a teacher, she enjoys getting to see children grow and being of assistance to those who struggle.  She wants to give students a listening ear and a sense of foundation.  Randolph lives the life of a Christian woman, attending Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Nashville and would like the student body to know this: “I have a big heart.  When I love, I love hard, and I have the spirit of integrity.”