The History of the ACT


Ally McMillan, Managing Co-Editor

If you are a high school student, the ACT has probably crossed your mind at least once. While you were probably thinking about how to get a 36, the conception of the test likely did not cross your mind.

From 1926 to 1959, the SAT was the only college entrance test in the country. However, as more students pursued a higher education, the need for another exam grew larger. In 1959, the American College Testing Program (now known as the ACT) was created to address the issue. Ever since, the ACT has expanded its services, offering programs that extend beyond a college preparation exam. By 1972, the number of students taking the ACT had grown to over a million.

Today, the ACT has expanded, providing students with college preparation programs and it is a staple for high-schoolers and colleges everywhere.

In Tennessee, with a minimum 21 ACT score, you can receive a $4,000 per year scholarship. If you plan on attending Middle Tennessee State University. , scoring at least a 25 can get you an additional $2,000.

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