Fun in “Cash”ville Tennessee


Katie Beech, Managing Co-Editor

With summer around the corner, we are going to need things to do. Most importantly, we are going to need free things to do. Whenever we think of free things to do, we either cannot think of any, or what we think of is not fun. Here are a few of the many free things to do in Nashville this summer.

  1. Symphony Under the Stars

This is a series of free concerts every summer throughout Nashville. This year it is in Centennial Park on June 4 at 7:30 p.m.

  1. Live on the Green Music Festival

This is a concert series held at Public Square Park every Thursday evening in August and September.

  1. Hatch Show Print

This is one of the oldest working letterpress shops in America. They have printed for numerous entertainers, venues, and businesses. People can stop in at any time to see the hundreds of posters they have created.

  1. Nashville Public Library

This library not only houses books, but beautiful courtyards as well. You could browse the books then grab a seat in the courtyard and read.

  1. Shakespeare in the Park
  2. The Nashville Shakespeare Festival- “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
  1. The Arcade

This shopping center was built in 1902 and was modeled after an arcade in Milan. It has places to eat and shop, and it is also a good place to walk around.

This summer everyone should try to do something on this list that they normally would not do to have a cheap, adventurous summer. With all the possibilities in Nashville, there is no excuse for a boring summer.

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