April Fool’s Day

April Fool's Day

Alena Tarrant, Feature's Co-Editor

April 1st is a day to watch out for. It is the day full of tricks and uncertainty. Here are five tricks for you to use against your friends and family in honor of the funny day:

         #1 Insect Lamps- Use a simple piece of paper and scissors to make insect cut outs. Tape them to the inside of a lamp shade and when your friends turn on their light, they will be frightened by the surprise waiting for them.

#2 Night-time Drawing- Nothing is better than waiting for your friend to fall asleep and drawing on their face. This takes careful and steady hands so that your friend will not wake up. It also might not work if your friend is a light sleeper.

#3 See-Through Door- Use your handy dandy plastic wrap and place it at shoulder length in a door way. Its amazing how many people will just walk right through it.

#4 Wrong Door- Print out a sign that says PUSH and tape it to a pull door. It will be an enjoyable thing to watch when some is struggling to open the door.

#5 Windex? – Take an old Windex bottle and clean it out VERY well. Pour some blue Gatorade in the bottle. Go to a public place a spray the Gatorade in your mouth. It will be funny to watch people panic because they think your ingesting chemicals.