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Seussical Jr

Alena Tarrant

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Seussical the Musical brings the pages of your favorite Seuss books to life. From vibrant colors to wonderful music, Seussical tells the story of Horton the elephant and his journey to protect the Who’s. With the Cat in the Hat narrating the story, he takes the audience to the Jungle of Nool and transports them into the World of Who’s. In this story, Horton the Elephant hears a small “yelp” that appears to be coming from a dust speck. Horton discovers that on that dust speck is the small world of Who. Horton goes through many struggles to protect the dust speck from the dangers of the jungle. On top of that, he must sit on egg that Mazie LaBird abandoned. Everyone seems to hate Horton, except the timid Gertrude McFuzz never who loses her trust in him. In the end the moral of the story is revealed and the audience learns that trust and companionship go a long way. Seussical tells an important life lesson but does it with fun and comedy. It is the perfect show for children of all ages.

Alena Tarrant, Communications

Alena Tarrant is a senior and has been on journalism staff for two years. She is the communications editor. Her favorite quote...

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Seussical Jr