Black Panther Review

Ava Reaves

The Black Panther is a Marvel film about an African nation Wakanda. A young man
named T’Challa is the rising king of Wakanda, but complications arise for him. In addition to
familial problems, the film includes social issues we, as a nation, face.
The cast was good and fit well within the setting. The main actors and actresses were
Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Dani Gurira, Forest Whitaker, and Daniel Kaluuya.
Although, Jordan in most of his scenes acted too dramatic for the situation or his acting just was
not that good nor believable. The other cast members were amazing.
One of the social statements they had in the movie was the casting of women as army
soldiers and general. Movie had amazing fight scenes with them. The film also did a good job of
putting women in a place of power and respect even though the movie was about T’Challa
becoming king. In society, we do not get near enough movies where women are respected and
powerful like they are this movie.
Furthermore, the many other social statements that was in this movie were done well
and not too much. The Wakanda had the issue of using their advanced technology to help
hurting countries but if they did so they would be getting into war. That was the conflict of the
movie mostly, and we as a nation, face somewhat the same issue since we are more advanced
than most other countries.
Overall, this was a good movie. It was still the superhero movie that everyone wants to
see, but has important underlining issues to relate to and reflect on. A younger audience would
be perfect to see this film to get exposed to social issues, but still in a fun and youthful way. I
highly recommend this movie.