Ava Reaves

Women across the world have been coming out and posting stories with the #MeToo hashtag. The movement was founded by Tarana Burke 10 years ago. The movement was founded so that anyone, man or woman, can speak up about their sexual assaults and rape stories. In the United States, every 98 seconds someone is sexually assaulted. This should not be overlooked or taken lightly, our society has become ignorant on how common sexual assault and rape has become. We teach girls to not go anywhere alone or to carry pepper spray, but do not strongly enforce to men that “no means no”, or that how one dresses is not an invitation to attack or take advantage of someone. Ninety-nine percent of perpetrators walk free or receive minimum jail time for sexual assault or rape cases in this country. How can we say we fight for justice and fair trial when this is happening every day and millions of women in this country can say this has happened to them in their lives?

#MeToo has brought these issues to the light of society; women are speaking up and encouraging other women to do the same. This movement was much needed, now we need action. Women 16-19 years old are four times more likely to be raped or assaulted. The accounts women are describing in their stories need to be taken seriously and we need to begin to teach everyone about these issues. The #MeToo movement is a step forward in society for many victims of rape and sexual assaults.