Happy Valentine’s Day


Ava Reaves

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day 2018, a lot of franchises nationwide promoted Valentine’s Day deals. Pizza Hut had heart shaped pizza that came with a cookie cake, which is cute for a night in with your significant other. If you celebrated Valentine’s Day alone, you can still get a cute pizza out of the day with a cookie cake. Honestly, who likes to share pizza anyway.

On the topic of being single on this day of love, Hooters did a special deal. If you brought a picture of your ex into the restaurant, Hooters gave you 10 free boneless wings. What better way to get over that special one who broke your heart than with free food. It could also be that push to realize that it is okay to be single.

No matter your situation, there is bound to be a franchise that will make your Valentine’s Day amazing, and you get good food. The day of love can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone just find the place. The day of love is meant to be a day to enjoy.