New Year, New Health(ME)

Katie Beech

With the new year officially in motion, people want to follow their New Year’s Resolutions. The main resolutions everyone has on their list every year is to be healthier or lose weight. Luckily, there are still ways to have your cake and eat it too.  

Everyone loves chocolate, but who says you must give it up? Dark chocolate is a healthier alternative that you can substitute for your cravings. Stevia/Truvia and raw honey also help with the sugar cravings because they taste like sugar but are way healthier. When craving any candy, try frozen fruit. When craving apple pie, try just baking apples and putting cinnamon on them! 

There are many substitutes for your everyday foods as well. Instead of eating white bread and pasta, try whole grain bread and pasta. A plus is that they are easier to digest. For the soda lovers, try sparkling waters such as ICE drinks. For the meat lovers, try opting for ground/lean turkey or beef or veggie burgers. To treat the salty cravings from chips, opt for kale chips or veggie chips. Instead of normal crust pizza, try thin crust pizza or even cauliflower crust pizza. For the macaroni and cheese lovers, try replacing the noodles with whole grain noodles or butternut squash for the extra sweetness. 

You can be healthy with your condiments too! A lot of condiments have reduced sugar options such as ketchup, jelly, and syrup. For salad dressings, find the ones that are yogurt based or make your own healthy version at home. 

These are a few of the many switches you can make. You can even try making your own healthy recipes and finding your favorite alternatives to your favorite foods. 


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