Why Do We Do That?

Christmas Traditions You Probably Didn't Know About

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Why Do We Do That?

Ally McMillan, Managing Co-Editor

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  1. On Dec. 5, some celebrate St. Nick’s day. This holiday isn’t as big of a deal as Christmas, but it’s pretty much the same idea. Children hang their stockings or put their shoes out hoping that St. Nicholas will visit and leave a gift or two.
  2. In India, instead of decorating a tree, you will find that they have brightly lit banana or mango trees on the streets, or sometimes, even in their living rooms.
  3. In Japan, they associate KFC® with Christmas – just like we associate the Turkey with Thanksgiving.
  4. In Finland, Families usually visit the graves of their relatives and ancestors on Christmas Eve. They light candles in their memory, causing the cemeteries to be lit up with the flame from the candle.
  5. The Yule cat from an Icelandic Folklore is a vicious feline who lurks in the snow and attacks those to who haven’t received clothes for Christmas.
  6. Icelandic children leave a shoe outside their bedroom windowsills during the 12 days of Christmas. Each morning, they will find their shoes filled with candy and treats.
  7. In Ethiopia, they celebrate Christmas on Dec. 7. They wear all white clothes, and men play the game ganna – a game played with balls and sticks.
  8. New Zealanders decorate Pohutukawa trees at Christmas.
  9. Families in Germany hide pickles in their Christmas trees. The first to find it in the morning receives a small gift.
  10. Ukrainians decorate their trees with artificial spider webs, instead of lights and ornaments.