Things to do with Snow

Katie Beech, Managing Co-Editor

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Snow is the thing that everyone hopes they wake up to see. It gets us out of school, looks pretty, and there are many different things to do with it. When the time comes for it to snow, and we are sitting at home with nowhere to go and nothing to do, we forget about all the things we can do with snow. Here are a few ideas when there is a blanket of snow outside and no school.

  1. Go sledding. Even if you do not have a sled, cardboard will do.
  2. Build a snowman. Roll up three balls of snow, then choose anything of your liking to make a face.
  3. Have a snowball fight. Have one with your siblings or friends and just have fun.
  4. Build a snow fort. Going with the snowball fights, you can build a fort to hide behind during the fight.
  5. Make snow angels. Just lay down in the snow and wave your arms and legs back and forth. Then, stand up and look at your creation!
  6. Paint the snow. Since snow is white, it is like a big, blank canvas that you can create anything you want on.
  7. Make maple snow candy. All you need to do is drop maple syrup into snow and it will harden into candy instantly. Honey will work well, too.
  8. Make snow cream. Just mix milk, vanilla, and snow and you have yourself a tasty treat.
  9. Take pictures. Snow is a beautiful thing, so snap as many pictures of it as you can. It will be fun to go back and look at them one day.
  10. Watch the snow. Whenever the snow is falling outside, nothing is calmer than just watching it. It will be relaxing as well as mesmerizing.

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