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The Truth About Clowns

Ariana King

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Clowns. Some people find them a kid- friendly party trick. However, some people find clowns terrifying. This could be understandable seeing as there is a movie named It out there, making people scared of clowns. Clowns are only scary if you see them as scary. For example: the dark. Some people think that the dark is petrifying. This, however, is just our imaginations. Spiders would not be scary if people did not know some may be poisonous, the dark would not be scary if there were no movies or television shows to show you that there may be potentially fatal creatures lurking in it, and clowns would not be scary had there not been a scary book or movie to show you otherwise. The point is, anything, including a clown, is only scary if you make it scary. A bee will not sting unless you give it a reason to.

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The Truth About Clowns