“Healthy School Lunches”

Ava Reaves

When school starts back there is one thing we all dread, having to eat the school lunches. We all know that since Michelle Obama made it a state requirement that we have healthy school lunches the quality of the food decreased dramatically. “The “healthy” scoop of corn on the plate is the only food registered as a pesticide by the EPA.” Students should have quality vegetables, fruits, and meats, not some thing filled with chemicals and GMO’s. “Unfortunately, in some cases, this has simply resulted in small and unsatisfying meals to stay with caloric restrictions.” They should also be portioned out properly, it is not “healthy” to restrict the amount on top of the low-quality food itself. Also, the students should have the option to eat what they want without someone trying force things onto them. It is having been a problem since the standard was made that students are having to eat unfit school lunches if you attend public schooling. Who is to say that all the food that is served in cafeterias to students across the country be healthy when you never made to see the food being served to them, or cannot possible know if everything is the best quality. When students get into high school it is time you make decisions yourself and know what is best for you. Every student should be capable of picking what they want to eat for lunch healthy or not. That is choice that should be made by the individual not the government or the first lady.

Information by: 10 Reasons to Avoid School Lunches Like the Plague – Mamavation.com